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Intermediate 1950s R&R Jive Class 3 - Monthly Workshops


As you get more confident with your dancing, you'll probably want to learn a few 'WOW Factor' figures that we don't generally get time to teach in weekly classes with mixed abilities. These moves can form the centrepiece of your dances to fit your standard figures around without involving lots of drops, throws and aerials.

Often there are several variations of a figure - a beginners version, an improvers version and sometimes an intermediate or even advanced version. Each variation builds on what you have previously learned, and because we break the move down into 'bite-size chunks' you'll be amazed at what you'll be able to do by the end of the workshop. The figures can all be danced after a basic group and will fit into your normal dancing very easily.

Usually, we will teach 3 moves during the workshop, and for most people at least 2 of them (and often all 3) will be completely new to you. We may also spend a bit of time on extra styling and pzazz! And as a workshop, the emphasis is more on learning rather than the social aspects in Classes 1 & 2.

Class 3 is suitable for people who have been dancing 1950s Rock & Roll Jive regularly for 6 months or more, and is open to current and past class members and guests. As usual no partner is necessary as we will move partners during instruction, however we will try to keep numbers as balanced as possible. And if 3 hours seems like a long time, don't worry, there will be several breaks and practice periods.

If you're not sure whether you're ready for Class 3 yet, just come and talk to us in class or mail us via the Contact Us page.

We know what busy lifestyles most people have these days, and how difficult it is to commit to a regular time at the weekends, so Workshop dates are on a flexible 'as & when' basis. To ensure the right level of instruction for the people attending, we'll ask you to pre-book and will then arrange the next workshop on a date to suit the majority of class members who wish to come along.

Workshops are usually held on a Sunday from 3.00-6.00pm at Burghfield Village Hall, but won't necessarily be in the same week of every month. If you'd like to attend the next Class 3 workshop, please drop me a line by email, private message me on Facebook or use the Contact Us page, to let me know what dates are suitable for you.

Next Class 3 Sunday Workshops will be in the Autumn

Cost per person £18 or 2 voucher sessions

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