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Things to think about when choosing your dance style

Space Considerations

Most modern dance floors are - well - compact! Generally the Latin dances and Jives can be danced in a relatively small space, whereas the Ballroom dances such as the Waltzes, Quickstep, Foxtrot etc are usually danced round the outside of a larger dance floor.


Are there any traditions or conventions that you wish to follow - for instance, do you particularly want to dance round the room past all your guests so they can congratulate you as you move round during the dance, or are you happy to use the middle of the dance floor.

The outfits!

Most people find they are wearing something more formal and restrictive than normal during their wedding. If the Brides have long or tight dresses, and the Grooms are in Morning Suit with wing collars it's going to be more difficult to perform a fast and furious dance style.

Remember also that your shoes will often be quite different from those you normally wear. If the Groom is used to casual shoes or trainers, formal shoes will feel quite different, and for the Bride there's the issue of heel height. If at all possible, try to use shoes in your tuition sessions which are as close as possible in style to the ones that you will be wearing on the day – if your dance shoes look crazy with your everyday practice clothes, then bring them with you and change shoes before the lesson.

What's Important to You and Your Partner

If there's anything else that's particularly important to you and your partner, however silly you might think it seems, then please let us know so we can incorporate it in your tailored step-set. Remember - it's your day!

Different Dance Styles


The most traditional first dance, a formal yet romantic dance which sees the happy couple gliding majestically round the floor.  Not generally available in pop music.


A sensuous and slow Latin rhythm which is said to have originated from portraying the courtship displays of lovebirds - what better for a wedding dance!

Cha Cha Cha

An uptempo Latin dance - lots of fun with a flirtatious feel to it. Slow it down a bit, and it can become very 'slinky'! Lots of pop music from the 60s to the present day has either a Cha Cha or Rumba rhythm.

American Smooth Dreamtime

An easy-to learn Slow Rhythm dance suitable for many jazz and slower pop songs.

Rock & Roll Jive

What more need we say - fun, fast and foot-tapping! And there are some modern ones available too - not just Elvis and Bill Haley!

Other Dances

These are by no means the only dances you could choose, but they tend to be the most popular. If you would particularly like to try another style - Slow Foxtrot, Samba, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Paso Doble, Tango - or have a theme in mind, then let's talk!

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