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Sunday Afternoon Tea Dances

You may be thinking you have to know all sorts of Ballroom dances to come to a tea dance, but nothing could be further from the truth. Tango dancers hold tea dances, Modern Jive dancers hold tea dances, and now American Jive dancers can come to a tea dance again - just think of it as a Rock 'n' Roll night out on a Sunday afternoon!


You don't need to be an expert dancer - everyone is welcome, from beginners to experts, new faces and older ones, regular class members, and guests, or even non-Dancers, that may not have been to us before. So come and enjoy an afternoon of 1950s Rock & Roll Jive music, dancing and socialising with friends and classmates.  It’s a great introduction to the social side of dancing, and perfect for those who have never been to a dance before. It's also a great opportunity to invite along friends and family that may be thinking about learning to dance, but not quite sure what to expect.

For some, the Tea Dance is their monthly visit, others may have been out of the loop for even longer – I think the record was about 10 years!!! Even if you feel a bit ‘rusty’, do come along – it soon comes back, and there’s no pressure on you to dance to every song. Dance when you want to, otherwise watch the dancing, catch up with friends and enjoy some nibbles.

Please don’t feel that you’re not good enough to come along if you’ve only just done your first Beginners course, there will be all standards and no judgement – just enjoy yourselves. Our Tea Dance is a good gentle way to introduce yourself to social dancing, with people that you know in a friendly environment. And although I’m running the afternoon, I hope to be able to have a few dances myself and certainly won’t be going round telling people they did something wrong. At Tea Dances, I’m not teacher, but just another dancer, and I'm always really pleased (and grateful!) when someone asks me to dance. The only person that has been banned is Craig Revell Horwood!


Free tea, coffee and nibbles are available throughout the afternoon, and just so you get your tea or coffee exactly as you like it, we let you help yourselves. But you are welcome to bring your own refreshments too (and we don’t mind the non-drivers bringing their favourite tipple!)

Tea Dances are on Sundays of the month from 3.00-6.00pm at Burghfield Village Hall.

Next Dates:

Tea Dances will be back again in the Autumn

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