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1950s Rock & Roll Jive

Convinced you've got 2 left feet? We've been teaching 1950s Rock & Roll Jive since 1996 and we firmly believe that anyone can learn to dance, given the right instruction, and plenty of encouragement - it's often said that if you can walk, you can dance.  It's fun, it's sociable, it keeps you fit and it opens up a whole new social life with somewhere to go every night of the week.


Even after your first lesson, you'll usually be able to dance enough steps to make it a recognisable dance, but it takes a few weeks of practice to get it comfortable. Although people learn at different speeds, it generally takes about 4-6 weeks to feel that you know what you're doing - so don’t give up!  Our friendly & informal 6 week Beginners Courses are designed to give you a good grounding in the basic moves with the confidence to dance a variety of figures after completing the course.


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Classic 6-week Beginners Jive Courses at Sherfield Village Hall RG27 0EZ  

8.00-9.00pm every Thursday starting

Thurs 09 Jan

Thurs 27 Feb

Thurs 23 Apr

Class 2 every week 9.00-10.00pm

No partner needed - come on your own or with friends

New courses start throughout the year in January, Feb/March, April, June, September and November.

 £48pp prepaid or £9pp PAYG

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