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Help from the DJ

If you've hired a professional DJ, make sure that you brief him or her about how and when you want the dance to start, finish, and whether you want your guests or maybe just parents to join in half way through.

It sounds obvious, but do make sure BEFORE THE DAY that the DJ has the track, and the version, that you want to dance to - often there is an album track, a dance mix, a 12" single track, a re-mixed or re-released track. Be very specific about what you want, and if necessary provide it yourself - ask the Best Man to be the guardian of the music as well as the ring!

If it is a very long track or you have a difficult intro to the song where you can't really hear the beat to get started, ask the DJ to start the song and then do a long intro over the top - you can take your time walking onto the floor and listening for the beat as you do so, making it easier to get going than from a 'standing start'.

If you don't want to spend a moment longer than you have to on the floor on your own, ask the DJ to invite everyone else to join you half way through - before you start, ask your parents or some friends that are 'up for it' to promise to hit the dancefloor as soon as it is announced - that way it will encourage other guests to join in.

If it's a very long song, ask the DJ to fade the record out before the end - we can arrange a signal such as a fancy ending to your dance, then tell the DJ what to look for when you want the music faded - eg 'when you see me put my bride into a Dip and hold the pose, then please fade out the music'

If you have a really, really long track, or just want to dance to a section in the middle, think about recording an edited version of the song onto a CD - but do make sure that the DJ will have the equipment to play the format you are providing.

Also think about lighting. Ask the DJ to ensure that the lighting is low, high or however you want it - if the DJ is not controlling the main lighting, then ask your Best Man to manage this side of things.

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