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Help choosing your first dance style

You may already have an idea of the sort of dance you'd like to do and the music you'll be using. But if you are really 'in the dark', we can help give you some pointers.

Look at our guide to some of the different styles we can coach you in. Just like people, each style has its own distinctive character and rhythm, and the music must fit the dance, while the dance must also fit the music.

If you haven't yet decided on your music, then you may like to approach things from a slightly different angle and choose your dance style first, then pick the music for that style.

When you look at our list of suggestions, you'll find that the music is broken down into different sections for the different styles and rhythms. But even then, there can be variations in tempo and overall 'feel' between songs in the same section - for instance Rumbas are usually love songs. But even a Rumba can be dreamy or funky, cheerful or dramatic, very slow or medium paced.

And other than the Waltzes, which have 3 beats to the bar, most other rhythms have 4 beats to the bar, so there can sometimes be an alternative dance style suitable for a particular piece of music.

Probably the most important thing is to again be selfish! Think about what suits your personalities and the ambience of your day best - are you lively party people, dreamy romantics, very traditional, or 'get down and get funky' sorts?

When you listen to some of the suggestions, you'll probably feel drawn to some sections and not to others - start by discarding completely the sections you're not drawn to so much.

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