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Class costs

6-week course £48.00 per person or £9 per person per evening PAYG

Prepaid voucher for 6 lessons £48.00 (can be shared by 2 or more people)

To pay for vouchers by credit or debit card, use the Paypal link (you don’t need a PayPal account - use as a Guest). Otherwise we can take cash or cheques on the first evening.

Next Beginners Courses

8.00-9.00pm starting

Improvers Class 2

Every week 9.00-10.00pm

New courses starting throughout 2020 in January, March, April, June, September & November

1950s Rock & Roll Jive Lessons & Courses


There are many different styles of Jive around today, each with its own characteristics and associated music. American Jive is the classic Rock & Roll style Jive that was danced in the 1950's. Also known as 6-beat Jive or Rock Jive, it can be danced to reasonably fast music - faster than say Modern Jive, Ballroom Jive or Lindy Hop. We use a selection of music from the 50's up to the present day that has a really clear Jive dance beat, starting off slowly and gradually building up over the course.

Our Beginners courses last around 6 weeks and will give you a thorough grounding in the basic figures and concepts of 1950s Rock & Roll Jive. We use lead and follow techniques right from the start, and even after the first lesson of your course, you'll usually be able to dance something recognisable!

1950s Rock & Roll Jive is actually a lot easier to learn than you'd think - generally the guys (or Leaders) are the 'thinkers' keeping you both on time and deciding which moves to do, so the guys' steps are relatively simple, while the girls (or Followers) are being shown off with more twirls and turns, but they don't have to do any of the thinking! You don't need to come with a partner, although you’re welcome to if you wish. In all our classes, we move people round during the lessons to help you learn quicker and encourage a social feel. Getting used to dancing with different people also helps if you start going out to dances, where you'll usually dance with several other people during the evening.

Each week of the course, we'll start by going over the last week's move, then adding another figure. Each move is 'standalone' and can be added into your repertoire from the basic movement at any point in the dance - Rock & Roll Jive is not a choreographed routine, and each leader will have their own unique way of putting moves together. This also means that it doesn't matter if you have to miss a week, as you won't miss part of a routine, and you can still catch up. And we usually leave a couple of weeks of general Beginners classes between courses when you can come along and make up the full 6 weeks - you've paid for six lessons, so you should get six lessons! If everyone has already managed to do their full 6 weeks, we just show you another couple of moves.

Even if you've learnt another style of Jive, we do ask you to join in the first class for a few weeks until you are comfortable with the basics of this style - mainly for the benefit of other learners who only know this style. But there's often a chance to stay on for the second lesson as well - come and ask us if you feel you could cope with doing class 1 and class 2 at the same time.

As well as learning the fundamentals of partnered American Jive, during classes you may learn some other variations. These can include Progressive Rock & Roll which is danced in a circle to a set basic pattern with everyone dancing in time and moving on to the next person in the circle each time. And, as you become more proficient, there is another form of American Jive where one leader dances with two girls at the same time - which looks pretty impressive, but is really much easier than it looks!

After your Beginners course, come and join Improvers Class 2 where you'll build on the fundamentals with lots of extra moves. You may also still like to join in Class 1 to practice the basic figures - the cost of the class covers the whole evening whether you do both classes or just one of them - and it is really helpful for new beginners to have some more experienced people in the lesson to help them along. Improvers Class 2 is run every week as a drop-in class, so each time you come along you'll learn a standalone figure that will build up your repertoire.

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