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1950s Rock & Roll Jive

Convinced you've got 2 left feet? We've been teaching authentic 1950s Rock & Roll Jive since 1996 and we firmly believe that anyone can learn to dance, given the right instruction, and plenty of encouragement - it's often said that if you can walk, you can dance. It's fun, it's sociable, it keeps you fit and it opens up a whole new social life with somewhere to go every night of the week.

Even after your first lesson, you'll usually be able to dance enough steps to make it a recognisable dance, but it takes a few weeks of practice to get it comfortable. Although people learn at different speeds, it generally takes about 4-6 weeks to feel that you know what you're doing - so don’t give up! Our friendly & informal 6 week Beginners Courses are designed to give you a good grounding in the basic moves with the confidence to dance a variety of figures after completing the course.

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1950s Rock & Roll Jive classes

New Beginners courses

8.00-9.00pm starting

No partner needed - come on your own or with friends.

New courses starting throughout 2020 in January, Feb/March, April, June, September and November.

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Rock & Roll Jive Class 2 Improvers 9.00-10.00pm

Every week throughout the dancing year. Once you've done the basic moves, just turn up and enjoy - no need to register for Class 2.

Your fee covers the whole evening whether you do both classes or just one, so do come early to join in for a refresher and to help with our new Beginners

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09 Jan

Sherfield on Loddon RG27 0EZ


 27 Feb

Sherfield on Loddon RG27 0EZ


23 Apr

Sherfield on Loddon RG27 0EZ


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Wedding Dances

Your Big Day.

A wonderful occasion filled with friends, family, joy ...

and the dreaded video camera.

Enjoyable, but scary. Especially when the DJ announces your first dance, and all eyes are turned upon you, just the two of you on the dance floor.

We can help to make that first dance foot-perfect. Let us coach you in a first dance style to suit the spirit of your wedding - traditional, modern, 'jazzy', themed ... whatever style you feel comfortable with.

From the latest pop to modern classics, Waltz to Jive,

Cha Cha to American Smooth Dreamtime, we'll come and talk through with you your favourite music, your hopes and plans for the big day, and then tailor a step-set for you to learn in the privacy of your own Personal Workshop sessions.

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